There is no future without forgiveness” Archbishop Desmond Tutu argues compellingly in his book by that same title. There is also no Christianity without forgiveness. 

This year the theme for Lent is FORGIVENESS based on Marjorie J. Thompson’s book of the same name.

This Sunday, March 10th is the first Sunday in Lent and the sermon, based on Luke 15:11-32 is called “Prelude to Forgiveness – individual or communal?”

The choir will sing “Jesus Walked this lonesome valley” and “Jesus, Heal me” and we will sing songs about forgiveness including “Come, let us to the Lord our God”, “If I have been the source of pain”, and “We come to ask your forgiveness”. 

Throughout Lent we will be using the PWS&D inserts as our Call to Worship.

Here are the dates and themes for Lent:

Lent One March 10 “Prelude to Forgiveness”                                                                   Lent Two March 17 “Self-Examination”                                                               Lent Three March 24 “Honesty”                                                                                    Lent Four March 31 “Repentance”                                                                            Lent Five April 7 “Forgiving”                                                                                                    Palm Sunday April 14 “Reconciliation and Restoration”

The entire message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is lost without forgiveness, for it is the healing stream flowing out from the crucified Christ over a world that does not know how desperately it needs the healing.

One final note: This Sunday we move to Daylight Savings Time – that’s right – it’s time to lose an hour of sleep (fall back/spring forward) meaning don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead before going to bed on Saturday. 

Peace and grace,

Linda Ashfield, Minister at Knox Waterloo