It’s Valentine’s Day and Love is in the Air at LOGOS this week! We do LOVE LOGOS!!!!
This week the Jr High will begin in the Gym and the Sr High will be upstairs in the Knox Room with an activity – Barb is looking for BBQ lighters for help with the craft they will be making – if you have a BBQ lighter you can lend, please take it to Barb in the Knox Room before 4:30 if possible. Make sure your lighter is labelled with your name. They will be returned for you to pick up at the welcome desk after 5:15.
After dinner our Grade 1 – 3 will be in the Gym and Grade 4 – 6 will be going to ValuMart to do some shopping for their construction project. They will be back by 7:30.
Just a reminder that our Hogwarts Banquet Night has been changed to NEXT WEEK – February 21. Please plan to come dressed as your favourite Witch or Wizard (or other magical creature)! We are excited to see how the Church Hall will be transformed for our Turkey dinner next week! I can feel the excitement in the air!!!!
We are also looking for one or two people who would feel excited to lead our Jr High in an activity next week from 4:30-5:15. Their regular activity leaders are on a much needed Reading Week Break 🙂 – we’d love it if one or two (or a few!) energetic people felt called to spend some time with them creating something fabulous with them in the Knox room! A creative mind and a passion for Jr High youth is a must!!! Please let Nicole or myself know if you are feeling called to share your gifts in this manner.
Bible Time Leaders – please be sure to fill out the questionnaire on what your Grade would like in a new minister. I have some hard copies of the questionnaire – if you need me to re-send the email with the questions, just let me know. Thanks to the Gr 4 Class who have their responses in already!
I think that is it! As always, stay warm and safe. If you are unable to make it to LOGOS due to weather, please try to find a replacement. And, if there is a cancellation, I will send out an email BY 3/3:30 on Thursday.
See you Thursday!

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – Leo Buscaglia