Pride Sunday




Call to Worship

One: The presence of God welcomes the fullness of who we are.
All: We are people who desire, who long, who practice love in many ways.
One: We celebrate love that is affectionate and love that is intimate.
All: Love that is queer and love that is collective.
One: We are people who want to know and be known For who we’ve been, who we are, and who we are becoming.
All: We honour identities in transition. We delight in authentic self-expression. Whether trans or intersex or cis, God moves in our becoming.
One: How wonderful are the many works of God’s creative hand!
All: May all who long for Love’s embrace feel their Holy worth.

Hymn: Queerly Beloved
Words & Music: Amanda Udis-Kessler
© 2019 Amanda Udis-Kessler, All rights reserved

Knox Waterloo’s Statement of Inclusion & Welcome

Gathering Prayer concluding with The Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Love

Sharing of Christ’s Peace

Peace Invocation: When Hands Reach Out Beyond Divides, v. 1
Words: Keri K. Wehlander, 2005, Music: Composer Unknown, arr. Melva Treffinger Graham © 2005 Keri K. Wehlander, used by permission, arr. © 2006 Melva Treffinger Graham OneLicense 125752

When hands reach out beyond divides and hope is truly found,
Each chain of hate will fall away and bells of peace shall sound,
And bells of peace, of peace shall sound, and bells of peace shall sound,
Each chain of hate will fall away and bells of peace shall sound.

Fun with the Young at Heart

A Story for all: It feels good to be yourself: A book about Gender Identity
by Theresa Thorn, Illustrated by Noah Grigni

Musical Reflection: More Love
Performed by the Knox Chancel Choir
Words & Music Mark Miller © 2017 Hal Leonard LLC OneLicense 282179

Prayer for Illumination lead by Lawrie Carter (he/him)

Scripture Readings:

John 16: 12-15 read by Tyler Brown (he/him)
Romans 5: 1-5 read by Jay Bailey (he/him)

Reflections: Identity…Pride…Protest – Peter Kinch (he/him)

Hymn 592: I, the Lord of sea and sky
Words & Music: Daniel L. Schutte, harmony Michael Pope, John Weissrock © 1981 Daniel L. Schutte, New Dawn Music 1983 OneLicense 80670

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Invitation to Offering
Offertory: Free To Be You and Me – Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Music by Stephen J. Lawrence, lyrics by Bruce Hart © 1972 MS FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN INC ASCAP

Doxology: God of Many Faces
Irish Melody SLANE, harm. Jack Schrader, Words Amy Cerniglia
© 2019 Amy Cerniglia, Harmonization © 1989 Hope Publishing Co., Used with permission

God of many faces, we offer our praise,
Singing your glory through all of our days.
Hear ever growing voices, once fragile, now strong,
Carrying melodies in expansive new songs.

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Hope: God’s Rainbow People
Lead by Sue Senior (she/her) and Peter Kinch (he/him)

Hymn: We are a rainbow
Words & Music David Kai, Tune Slocan © 2017 David Kai. OneLicense 59f52781f0f29


Sending Song: All the Colours of the Rainbow
Music: Abbot’s Leigh (Cyril V. Taylor), Words: Carl P. Daw © 2016 Music © 1942, re. 1970, Hope Publishing Company OneLicense 101537

Teach us, God, our need of others;
Through them help us fully live.
Wean us from our selfish habits;
let us listen, learn, forgive.

May we see your longed for image in each human heart and face,
And behold how those around us can be channels of your grace.


Worship Leaders: Peter Kinch, Presbyterian Elder (he/him), The Rev. Courtney Crawford (she/her), Mary-Catherine Pazzano (she/her), Shannon Paisley-Brown (she/her), Lawrie Carter, Presbyterian Elder (he/him) Tyler Brown (he/him), Jay Bailey (he/him), Sue Senior, Presbyterian Elder (she/her) Knox Inclusion Initiatives Team

Tech Team: Ben Breen (he/him), Mark Culp (he/him), Kathleen Forde (she/her)

Knox Waterloo: CCLI License 2580326. One license A-713805 Images and videos used with permission.