2nd Sunday after Christmas

Prelude We three kings
Full House Brass

Call to Worship

One: A star shining brightly in the east
All: discovered by those who have eyes to see the unusual and the challenging.
One: A journey into unknown territory
All: taken by those who have courage and curiosity.
One: An encounter with an evil presence;
All: evil faced, yet resisted with care.
One: The Holy One recognized, in spite of humble origin:
All: the glory and the gifts given, to God’s Chosen Child. Let us worship God!

Hymn #170 What star is this
Words Charles Coffin, John Chandler, Music Michael Praetorius, G.R. Woodward © A.R. Mowbray and Co., Ltd. OneLicense #84269

Gathering Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: Still, still, still
Trad. Austrian Carol, Words: Adapted by Mary-Catherine Pazzano Public Domain. OneLicense #94339

Still, still, still,
We rejoice in our Saviour’s birth.
The day is peaceful all around you,
Close your eyes,
Let peace surround you,
Peace, peace, peace,
We rejoice in our Saviour’s birth.

Hymn #119 Hope is a star
Words Brian Wren, Music Joan Collier Fogg
© 1989, Hope Publishing Company, OneLicense #93750

Fun with the Young at Heart

This is the day (This is the night)
Words & Music Les Garrett, adapted by Mark Gedcke
© 1967, 1980 Universal Music, Brentwood Benson Publishing CCLI #32754

This is the night. This is the night
That our God has made. That our God has made. Stars shining bright! Stars shining bright!
What a wondrous sight! What a wondrous sight! This is the night that Our God has made!
We will rejoice and be glad in it!
This is the night. This is the night.
That our God has made.

Reflection Why do we hunger for beauty?
Mary-Catherine Pazzano, Words and Music Jim Croegaert
© 1989 Meadowgreen Music Company / Heart of the Matter Music (ASCAP)

Scripture : Matthew 2:1-12

Wondering… how faith is a journey that leads to wonder

Hymn #530 I come with joy
Words Brian Wren, Music Walker’s Southern Harmony, Charles H. Webb © 1971, 1995 Hope Publishing Company, Music United Methodist Publishing House, 1989, CCLI #2802284

Sacrament of Communion

The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
Enjoying the Gifts of the Earth
Prayer of Discipleship

Invitation to the Offering

Offertory Star of Wonder
MC Pazzano
Words & Music David and JJ Heller © 2007 Stone Table Records, OneLicense #5118889

Doxology: Sing a new world into being
Words & Music: Mary Louise Bringle
© 2005, GIA Publications, Inc. OneLicense #27312

Sing a new world into being
where the homeless find a home,
where no children ever hunger
but are filled with God’s shalom;
where all people work for justice,
where all hate and vengeance cease.
Sing a new world into being:
raise the harmonies of peace

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Hymn Don’t be afraid
Words & Music John L. Bell © 1995 WGRG The Iona Community (Scotland), Used by permission of GIA Publications, Inc. OneLicense #98424


Christmas Sending Song
(Music: Old 100th, text Charles Coffin, 1736)

To God Creator, heav’nly light,
to Christ, revealed in earthly night,
to God the Spirit, blest we raise
an endless song of thankful praise!


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Mark Gedcke, Mary-Catherine Pazzano, Deb Schlichter

Tech Team: Ben Breen, Kathleen Forde, Jamie McManus

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