Call to Worship

One: We gather together in the spirit of God
All: whose words and ways comfort us and challenge us.
One: Jesus invites us to let go of our selfish tendencies
All: so that we may find our true selves.
One: Jesus invites us to let go of our our self-centeredness
All: so that we may enjoy true community.
One: With our faith rooted in Christ
All: we grow in the love of God.

Hymn #685: How firm a foundation
Words: “K” in Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns, 1787. Music: Funk’s A Compilation of Genuine Church Music, Winchester, VA, 1832. Public Domain. One License #81568

Welcome & Gathering Prayer, Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: Calm me, Lord
Words David Adam, Music Margaret Rizza
© 1998, Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Admin. and sub-published by GIA Publications, Inc., OneLicense #35778

Calm me, Lord as you calmed the storm;
Still me, Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease;
Enfold me Lord, in your peace.

Fun with the Young at Heart Song: Peace before us

Musical Reflection: Up to the Mountain
Performed by Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Words and Music Patty Griffin, © 2006, Universal Music Publishing Group, OneLicense #93371

Scripture: Mark 8:31-38

Wondering…what following Jesus may demand from us

Hymn #634: Will you come and follow me
Contributors: John Bell, Text: © 1987, GIA/Iona Community / WGRG One License # 87129

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Invitation to the Offering

Offertory: Follow, Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Words & Music Jerry Merrick, arr. Richie Havens © MCA Verve/Folkways

Words & Music Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson © 1999, Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire), CCLI #2580326

We come to you with a song of praise, for your love,
The music of our soul’s delight, brought with love.
We come to you with a heart of thanks, for your love;
An offering of all we are, brought with love.

All creation, looks to you.
All provision comes from you.
In ev’ry sunrise, hope shines through.
For your mercy, we thank you.

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Hope

Hymn #626: Lord of all power
Words: Jack Winslow, Music: Irish Trad. One Licenese # 120556


Sending Song: #777 Send me, Lord/Thuma Mina

Leader: Thuma Mina:
All: Thuma mina (x3) Somandla.

Leader: Send me, Lord:
All: Send me, Jesus; (x3) Send me, Lord.

Leader: Lead me, Lord:
All: Lead me, Jesus; (x3); Lead me, Lord.

Leader: Fill me, Lord:
Congregation: Fill me, Jesus (x3) fill me, Lord.

Words South African (Zulu) traditional, Music South African traditional; arrangement Anders Nyberg © 1984, Walton Music Corporation OneLicense #592e04d40c50a

Worship Leaders: The Rev. Courtney Crawford, The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Tech Team: Kathleen Forde, Stephen Kauk, Jamie McManus
Copyright: CCLI License #2580326. Onelicense A-713805 Images and videos used with permission.