A Celebration of the  10th Anniversary of the Knox Building


Call to Worship
(Psalm 100) This call to worship was used on Sunday, May 29, 2011, as the first call to worship in the present building.

Leader:  Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth;
All: Serve the Lord with gladness.
Leader: Come with thanksgiving, sing joyful songs;
All: It is God who made us.
Leader: We are God’s people, the sheep of God’s pasture.
All: Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving.
Leader: Enter the gates with thanksgiving; enter in with praise.
All:  God is good; our God is good!
Leader: God’s love endures forever.
All:  God is faithful to all generations. Let us praise God’s name.

Hymn:  #641 One more step along the world I go
Contributors: Sydney Carter, Text: © 1976, Stainer & Bell Ltd.
CCLI# 03216 

Welcome & Gathering Prayer

Sung Lord’s Prayer Knox Music Scholars

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation:  The Peace of the Earth
Words: Guatemalan traditional, translated by Christine Carson, Music: Guatemalan folk melody © 1998 Iona Community, GIA Publications
OneLicense #57518

The peace of the earth be with you,
the peace of the heavens too;
the peace of the rivers be with you,
the peace of the oceans too.
Deep peace falling over you;
God’s peace growing in you. (Repeat)

Fun with the Young at Heart

The opening of the Knox Sunday School Time Capsule 

Hymn:  Never ending joy
Contriubutors: Daniel Charles Damon, Text: © 2005, Hope Publishing Company. Used by permission. OneLicense #60826

Scripture   Revelation 5:1-14

Wondering…about hope in hard days

Musical Reflection – Here comes the sun
(George Harrison) Performed by Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Life & Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering

Invitation to Offering

Litany of Gratitude

This litany was used during the first service in the present sanctuary. We are reminded today of the ongoing significance of the symbols of our faith.

(The Bible is placed)

Leader: This is the Word of the Lord.
People: Thanks be to God.

(The Baptism bowl is placed)

Leader: By the waters of baptism God claims us and calls each one of us by name.
People: Grace and love are God’s gifts.

(The Candlesticks are placed)

Leader: These candles remind us that God is always with us.
People: Jesus is the light of the world!
Leader: And we are called to share that light with others.

(The Chalice and Plate are presented)

Leader: We are invited to be renewed at the Lord’s Table.
People: The gifts of God for the people of God.

(The Offering Plates are presented)

Leader: These offering plates remind us that we are also called to share with others.
People: May we give cheerfully and with grateful hearts.

(The Shepherd’s Crook is presented)

Leader: The shepherd’s crook reminds us that Jesus is the good shepherd and we are the flock.
People: It is our prayer that we will continue to be nurtured in faith that we might grow to be more like Jesus.

Doxology Words by Ruth Duck.  Used with permission.

Praise God the Source of life and birth.
Praise God the Word, who came to earth.
Praise God the Spirit, holy flame.
All glory, honour to God’s name!

Prayer of Thanksgiving

            A walking prayer of gratitude for sacred space

Song: #662  Those who wait on the Lord
Words and Music: Public Domain


Sending Song:  God speed you on your way (v.2)
Words & music Shona Murray & Shirley Erena Murray
Words © 1999, 2000 Murray, Shirley Erena; Music © 1999, 2000
Murray, Shona CCLI #2580326

God lead you to the new,
Places and points of view,
Roads to take,
Friends to make,
More life to travel through (x2)


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, The Rev. Courtney Crawford, Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Tech Team: Grant Birks, Kathleen Forde, Jamie McManus

Copyright: CCLI License # 2580326. Onelicense A-713805  Images and videos used with permission.