5th Sunday of Easter 


Call to Worship

One: Although we may feel alone,
All: God’s spirit comes to us and finds us.
One: Although our hearts may be troubled,
All: Christ walks with us.
One: If we keep alert,
All: we will see God all around us!
One: We give thanks be for this gift.
All: Amen!

Hymn: Never Ending Joy
Contriubuters: Daniel Charle s Damon, Text: © 2005, Hope Publishing Company. Used by permission. OneLicense #60826

Welcome & Gathering Prayer 

Assurance of God’s Grace  

Peace Invocation:  Alleluia
Music transcribed from the singing of George Mxadana by John L. Bell © 2012 WGRG, Iona Community, GIA Publications, Inc., exclusive North American agent.  OneLicense #94098

Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia (2x)

Fun with the Young at Heart

The Man with the Violin, a story by Kathy Stinson,
with illustrations by Dušan Petričić

Reflection: Blue Again
(Wayne Haun) Performed by Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Scripture:  Luke 24:13-35
read by Vinodh Raj

Wonderingabout the places we see Christ

Hymn  #262  Come to us, beloved stranger
Words: Edith Sinclair Downing, Music: att. Benjamin Franklin White
© 1998, Selah Publishing Co., Inc. OneLicense #00653

Sacrament of Communion


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Enjoying the Gifts of the Earth

Prayer for Discipleship

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Affirmation of Faith

Knox welcomes into Professing Membership of the church Daniel Almeida, Walker Bennett, Leah Christensen, and Coralee Little.

Hymn #474  The love of God comes close
Contributors: Iona Community © 1998, GIA/Iona Community / WGRG OneLicense #01851


Easter Sending Song:  God speed you on your way (v.1)
Words & music Shona Murray & Shirley Erena Murray
Words © 1999, 2000 Murray, Shirley Erena; Music © 1999, 2000
Murray, Shona CCLI #2580326

God speed you on your way
Safe keep you every day
Give you wing, cause to sing
All this we wish and pray


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, The Rev. Courtney Crawford, Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Tech Team: Kathleen Forde, Eric Gaudet, Barb Gaudet

Copyright: CCLI License # 2580326. Onelicense A-713805  Images and videos used with permission.