Call to Worship

One: Behold! God is doing a new thing!
All: Here. Now. In the midst of our routines.
One: The Spirit who envelops the cosmos shapes us anew each day.
All: May our bodies and spirits rise to greet our Maker! Amen!

Hymn #788  Come,  know my joy, the Maker says
(Words & Music: Andrew Donaldson. OneLicense #109351)

Welcome & Gathering Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: Shalom

May the peace of the Lord be with you
At home and in your heart
Shalom with you abide
Through the day and night
Every day of your life

Fun with the Young at Heart

Song     Peace before us

Scripture Mark 1:21-26, Matthew 6:9-13, John 11:35

Wondering… about the will of God

Hymn  Healer of our every ill
from Glory to God ©1987 GIA Publications, Inc. CCLI # 6263960)

Sacrament of Communion


Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

Enjoying the gifts of the earth

Prayer after Communion

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

A message from the Treasurer

Presentation of our offering

Invitation to Offering
Offerings may be given in prayer and service and with financial gifts…
Ways to Give to Knox

OffertoryStand Up
(Cynthia Erivo, Joshuah Brian Campbell): Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Doxology: Lord of All Good
(Louis Bourgeois, Albert F. Bayly, from Sing the Journey #60)

Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to you
Use them your holy purpose to fulfill
Tokens of love and pledges brought anew
That our whole life is offered to your will
Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to you

Offering Prayer

Hymn of the month: One Foot/Lead With Love
(Melanie DeMore) © 2016 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License


Sending Song:  Walk with me

Walk with me
I will walk with you
And build the land
that God has planned
Where love shines through

© 1988 Estate of John S.Rice
From Voices United, OneLicense #117733

Worship Leaders: The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, The Rev. Courtney Crawford, Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Tech Team: Kathleen Forde, Barb Gaudet, Eric Gaudet

Knox Waterloo: CCLI License # 2580326. One license A-713805  Images and videos used with permission.