Call to Worship

Leader: Love comes to us in God, artist of Creation.
People: Love comes to us in Jesus Christ, who brings healing and peace.
Leader: Love comes to us in the gentle Spirit, who brings challenge and growth.
People: We gather to remember sacred story,  and our place in this story of unfolding love.

Hymn #410 “Joyful, joyful, we adore you”

Gathering Prayer and sung Lord’s Prayer

God of life and of blessing, you create and re-create, offering the world healing and peace. We gather in our joy and in our need, united by your Spirit in community as we remember the story of life and love.

We confess that we sometime forget your greatest commandment. You ask us to love you with all our heart, soul, and mind, yet we are swayed by other priorities.

You ask us to love our neighbours as ourselves, yet we forget to welcome those who are strangers, feed those who are poor, care for those who are lonely.

Forgive us when we have been more self-protective than surrendered, for loving our comforts and ourselves more than others, and for hesitating rather than reaching out. Forgive us; make us new and faithful disciples, and help us to love as you love, we pray.

(Lord’s Prayer, sung by Chancel Choir)

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: “Put peace into each other’s hands” (Fred Kaan, John Bell)

Put peace into each other’s hands,
and like a treasure hold it;
protect it like a candle flame;
with tenderness enfold it.

Fun with the Young at Heart

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering:

Offertory: “Brother” (NEEDTOBREATHE)
Knox Praise Band (led/edited by Jotham Sennema)

Hymn “For the life that you have given”

For the life that you have given,
For the love in Christ made known,
With these fruits of time and labour,
With these gifts that are your own:
Here we offer, Lord, our praises;
Heart and mind and strength we bring;
Give us grace to love and serve you,
Living what we pray and sing.

Prayer of Dedication

As we offer our treasure and hearts to you, O God, may they be used to pass on the promise of hope, of peace, of life, of community to all in need of your gifts and presence in their lives. Amen.

Scripture:  Matthew 22:34-40 & Mark 12:28-34

Hymn of the Month:  #456 “Be present at our table Lord” (Trad, T. Tallis)

Be present at our table, Lord;
be here and everywhere adored.
These mercies bless and grant that we
may feast in fellowship with thee.

Wondering…about needing a good reminder

Musical Reflection: “You’ve Got a Friend” (Carole King)
Performed by Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Hope

Hymn #763  “To show by touch and word”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”
#649 Voice United.

Knox Waterloo: CCLI License # 2580326
Images and videos used with permission.