Call to Worship

Leader: We share together a hope and a promise.
People: It is a gift we share with our neighbours and ourselves.
Leader: When struggles and difficulties arise, we will not close our fists in anger. We will open our hands and reach out to one another.
People: As Jesus listened with openness and understanding, so we work towards a world where everyone is cherished and loved.

Hymn 412 “Come let us sing to the Lord our song”

Gathering Prayer and sung Lord’s Prayer

Spirit of the living God, we are filled with wonder in these days of September at the beauty of your world. As the trees prepare for the resting time of winter, their leaves transform into a kaleidoscope of colour. May their diversity and uniqueness inspire us to celebrate these qualities in one another. Prejudice and name calling separates us. Affirmation and gratitude leads us to see the truth. We are beloved and precious. To God be the praise.

(Lord’s Prayer, sung)

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: “Put peace into each other’s hands” (Fred Kaan, John Bell)

Put peace into each other’s hands,
and like a treasure hold it;
protect it like a candle flame;
with tenderness enfold it.

Ministry with the Young at Heart

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering:

Offerings may be given in prayer and service and with financial gifts…
Ways to Give to Knox

Offertory: “Brother’s Keeper” (Joni NehRita)
performed by Joni NehRita

Hymn “For the life that you have given”

For the life that you have given,
For the love in Christ made known,
With these fruits of time and labour,
With these gifts that are your own:
Here we offer, Lord, our praises;
Heart and mind and strength we bring;
Give us grace to love and serve you,
Living what we pray and sing.

Prayer of Dedication

Gracious Compassionate One, we give thanks for the kindness we see day by day:
– in the children who play with us,
– in the elders who pray with us,
– in the friends who stay with us
when we feel lonely and afraid,
– in the neighbours who display
welcome to everyone.

As we offer our gifts to the ministry
of our church and to our world,
we are filled with gratitude and hope.

Scripture Matthew 15:21-28

Hymn of the Month:  #456 “Be present at our table Lord” (Trad, T. Tallis)

Be present at our table, Lord;
be here and everywhere adored.
These mercies bless and grant that we
may feast in fellowship with thee.

Sermon   How we see the world

Musical Reflection: “I hold you in my arms” (Mark Gedcke)
Performed by Mark Gedcke

Communion Hymn  #548 “Let us break bread together”

Sacrament of Communion

Hymn #736  “For the healing of the nations”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”
Copyright 1988 Estate of John S.Rice #A713805

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