Call to Worship

One: Give thanks to the Lord, for God is good!
All: God’s faithful love endures forever!
One: The stone rejected by the builders has now become the cornerstone.
All: The Lord has done this, it is marvelous to see!
One: This is the day the Lord has made!
All: We will rejoice and be glad in it!

Hymn 746 “What a friend we have in Jesus”

Gathering Prayer – followed by sung Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Peace

Peace Invocation: “May the Peace of Christ Be With You”

May the peace of Christ be with you;
may the love of Christ dwell deep in you heart.
May the spirit enlighten your way;
may you live in the comfort of God’s care.

Fun with the Young at Heart

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering:

Offerings may be given in prayer and service and with financial gifts…
Ways to Give to Knox

Offertory “”As the Deer” (Martin J. Nystrom) Sophie Kim

Hymn “Praise God”

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise God, all creatures high and low.
Praise God, in Jesus fully known:
Creator, Word and Spirit: One.

Prayer of Dedication
(from Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a Faithful response to hunger)

For food in a world where many walk in hunger;
for faith in a world where many walk in fear;
for friends in a world where many walk alone;
we give you humble thanks, O Lord. Amen.

Scripture: John 21:1-7, 9-12

Song of the Month: “When We Are Singing”
(Trad. Mexican Hymn, lyrics and arr. Kevin T. Padworski)

Sermon: “God’s Prevenient Grace”

Musical Reflection: “Wade in the Water”
(Trad. Spiritual, Arranged by Mark Hayes)

Sacrament of Communion

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
Enjoying the gifts of God!

Hymn 670 (verses 1-3,6) “Amazing Grace”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”

Walk with me,
I will walk with you;
And build the land
that God has planned
Where love shines through.
Copyright 1988 Estate of John S. Rice #A713805