This Sunday we begin a new month and many of you will be enjoying the August long weekend.

When we gather for worship this Sunday, via live stream or the radio, we will be celebrating Communion. It is of course, a BYOE; that is “bring your own elements” – bread, crackers, wine or juice or whatever works for you and your household.

Sophie Kim will play “As the deer” and Mary Catherine Pazzano will sing “Wade in the Water” a traditional spiritual. We will sing Hymn 746 “What a friend we have in Jesus”, our new Hymn of the Month “When we are singing” and Hymn 670 “Amazing Grace”.

The scripture passage is John 21:1-7,9-12 and the sermon title is “God’s Prevenient Grace”. We look forward to gathering with “at the Lord’s Table” for Communion and worship this Sunday.

Many thanks to the LOGOS community who filled out the survey. Our Knox LOGOS Steering Committee has been meeting via zoom all summer long to plan just what LOGOS could and might look like this fall.

I confess I am feeling rather broken hearted that Wednesday at Knox, and all our wonderful mid week study groups and fellowship groups will probably not be meeting as they have in the past. However, we are hoping that LOGOS (in a very new format) will be able to happen.

Please pray for your church at this important time as a candidate prepares to come and preach for the call as Associate Minister on Sunday, August 16th. More information will be sent next week about the candidate and how the congregation can meet online to decide and hopefully issue a call.

If you are able, please reach out to a Knox friend this week. Many of us are finding that social distancing and not seeing friends/family like we usually do is taking its toll. Our Senior members (in particular), are missing church and the fellowship.

“May we live each day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, and generous in love”

Linda Ashfield, Associate Minister at Knox Waterloo