Just a reminder that we will NOT be worshipping together in the building this Sunday even though the Government of Ontario said we could have limited capacity. Our Re-opening Team has met twice now and are working on what we need to have in place for a safe reopening. So, as we have been doing for a few months now, we hope you will worship with us on CKWR radio or through the Church’s live stream.

This Sunday, June 14th is Milestone Sunday. It is the day we set aside to celebrate those in our Church School who are in grades 6,8 and 12. This year we have four grade 6 who are moving into Junior High next year, ten grade 8 youth who will be moving into our Senior High program and nine grade 12 young adults (some heading off to university, some doing the 5th year in High school next fall).  As always, gifts have been purchased and we will be delivering them over the next month to the young people.

Tabitha and Cassidy Ward will be singing “Hope is a star” and Mary-Catherine Pazzano will sing “Bridge over Troubled Water”. Our scripture reading this week focuses on the lectionary reading from Genesis 18:1-15 and the meditation is “The Virtue of Hospitality”. Come and celebrate God’s amazing love that is for all people!

An update on our radio ministry – at our Annual Meeting we discussed no longer having our weekly worship broadcast on the local radio station. However, with the pandemic both the radio broadcast and our live stream of worship became the only way people could worship. After a good conversation and negotiations for a new rate, we are delighted that the Session has approved that Knox Waterloo will continue the radio ministry (at CKWR-FM 98.5).

Come, let us walk together in the presence of God. Let us praise God who listens, and who loves us, who protects us and forgives us and sends us forth to serve!

In Christian love,

Linda Ashfield, Associate Minister at KnoxWaterloo