Call to Worship

One: We come to worship God in our time of need,
All: bringing with us the longings of the world.
One: come to God, who comes to us in Jesus,
All: and who knows by experience our human condition.
One: We come with our faith and our doubts;
All: we come with our hopes and our fears.
One: We come as we are because it is God who invites us to come,
All: and who welcomes us with open arms.

Hymn 479  “The church’s one foundation” (vss. 1-2, 4-5)

Gathering Prayer – followed by Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: “Halle, Halle, Hallelujah!”

Fun with the Young at Heart

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering:

Offerings may be given in prayer and service and with financial gifts…
Ways to Give to Knox

Offertory: “Abide with Me”
(Francis Lyte/William Henry Monk)
Performed by Sophie Kim

Hymn “Praise God”

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise God, all creatures high and low.
Praise God, in Jesus fully known:
Creator, Word and Spirit: One.

Prayer of Dedication
You are the Great Provider,
the Giver of all gifts;
your Love the only true currency.
Thank you for the gifts in our hands,
which we freely offer back to you,
for use in your service.
We do this in the Spirit of Christ, Amen.


Psalm 119:33-40
1 Corinthians 3:10-11, 16-23

Song:  “We walk in love”
(Words by Deanna Witkowski and Lemuel Colon, Music by Deanna Witkowski)

We walk in love united in purpose.
We join our hands and lift up one voice.
We speak the truth with strength and compassion
resounding with hope, with courage and joy.

We cry for peace and rights for all people.
We welcome friends from far and near.
We fight for those whose voices are silenced,
resisting in faith until all are free.

We dream a world of justice and kindness.
We build a bridge creating new paths.
We march with joy as all walked together.
Embracing each one, we boldly stand.

Sermon:  “A good foundation”

Musical Reflection: Take Me to the World
(Stephen Sondheim)
Performed by MC Pazzano

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Hope

Hymn 472 “We are God’s people”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”