Happy Star Wars Day – May 4th
May the fourth be with you! Star Wars was a formative film in my childhood. I was always fascinated by the scene in which Obi Wan describes the force to young Luke: the force is in us and around us. Luke has trouble believing this, since it’s something he is not able to see. Reminds me of the Easter story of the two disciples on the sorrowful road to Emmaus; Jesus walks with them but they are unable to perceive the divine presence. Let’s practice keeping alert today to signs of Christ’s presence in our midst.

Knox Net Café
Sign up for this week’s cafés using this link. Times are Wednesday 2PM and Thursday 10AM. Make some tea or coffee and join in!

ACross the Pews
The latest issue of the newsletter is available on-line. Many, many thanks to Sue Senior and those who helped bring this issue to production! Contact the office if you know someone who cannot access it digitally and requires a copy to be printed and mailed. Here’s the link to the digital version.

This Wednesday would have been the grand finale of our Wednesday@Knox program, complete with a traditional potluck lunch and a wonderful concert by Full House Brass. We are grateful for the Steering Team who runs this weekly event, and to all those who helped create (up until March 11) a wonderful season of programming, including those who: set up, welcomed participants, prepared the food, cleaned up, arranged for speakers, led us in devotion…the list goes on! Fingers crossed for a day down the road when we will be able to gather together again, and welcome so many from our neighbourhood into the fellowship of Christian community.

The COVID FP&A Team (Financial Planning & Analysis) continues to work. They will be meeting on Thursday. Please pray for the members of this team who are giving generously of their time and energy to help the Knox Church navigate these financially challenging days.

Take a moment—right now—and remember someone significant in your life. Pray for that person. Repeat every so often 🙂

Rev. Hugh Donnelly
Lead Minister