Knox Net Café
There will be one café this week, Friday at 10AM. Click here to sign up:

Keeping Connected
The Contact Team continues its ministry of connecting with the Knox congregation. We are grateful for their faithful work of community building. This is a ministry we all share: is there someone you can connect with today? A phone call or an email can mean so much to someone!

Worship and YouTube
If you miss the Sunday service, fear not! There is a Plan B: services are posted on YouTube. Here’s the link:

You might be interested to know that the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington held its first Zoom meeting yesterday. After packing over 40 participants into one room and spending ½ hour working through some (very humorous) technical glitches, we actually managed to get through the agenda! One decision made was to cease the collection of Presbytery dues from congregations for 2020.

Ushers and Greeters
This coming Sunday was to be the Appreciation Lunch for the many Usher and Greeter teams of Knox. We are saddened that we cannot be together, but we wanted to give a BIG shout-out to you anyway! We are grateful for our new coordinators Anne and John Fairles and for the continued support of Brad Tucker. The ministry of hospitality is vital in the life of a church.

Wishing you all the deep Peace of the risen Christ today.

The Rev. Hugh Donnelly
Lead Minister