This Week at Knox

Welcome to Holy Week, the most sacred of times in the Christian year. During these unusual (and stressful) days, may the Good Friday message of God’s solidarity with us in our suffering and the Easter Sunday message of resurrection and hope take on deep meaning for you.

Easter Offering

At Knox every year we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection with an Easter Offering. Please give as you are able. There is great need for Resurrection in our lives during these difficult days. Please prayerfully consider sending an e-transfer, check, or give online using this link:

You may also call the church office and we can process a credit card gift. 

Here’s what’s going on at Knox this week:

  • Good Friday 10AM (livestreaming
  • Easter Sunday at 10AM (livestreaming and radio CKWR FM 98.5) 
  • Knox Net Café (sign up here: More cafés are being planned for next week.
  • We are collecting videos of families and individuals joyfully proclaiming the Easter message: “Christ has risen! He has risen indeed! Hallelujah!” Want to participate? Make sure you speak clearly and send your short clip to Barb at by Thursday, April 9th.
  • Church school material is being distributed weekly to families.
  • Knox is connecting with all our children and youth through emails and social media.

Session News:

The COVID Financial Planning & Assessment team has been working hard to provide Knox Waterloo with the tools it needs to thrive during this unique time of COVID-19. Session received a report from this team last week and authorized application for two Government of Canada assistance programs:

  • Knox is applying for the interest free $40,000 loan to assist in cash flow until December 31, 2022. When we pay back $30,000 before that time, then the remaining $10,000 is forgiven.
  • Knox is applying for the 75% wage subsidy for all church staff.

Our Online Worship Services:

Worship services are extremely well attended on-line: yesterday we had 257 simultaneous devices streaming the service. That’s a lot more than 257 people! We receive many messages of support after each worship service. It is a privilege and an honour to worship together in these days of personal isolation. Enthusiastic words of appreciation and gratitude brighten our days. Thank you!

A few people expressed kind concern for those of us leading worship. We are conscientious in following all safety protocols.

Our church is closed, but we do use the space for livestreaming worship. This ability to livestream is clarified by the United Church. They kindly shared a communication from David Garland, the Chief of Staff for the Solicitor General of Ontario. David Garland clarified: “that although the wording of the government order did not speak to an exception for churches, it was not the province’s intent to shut down people’s access to worship services that are livestreamed from the church building as long as that can be done safely on a very restricted basis.” He said, “it is acceptable for the minister and one or two other people to record/livestream a worship service in the church as long as physical distancing protocols are followed.”

We are following these protocols. It is a great advantage to be able to use the High Definition cameras at the church, and the studio quality sound production. We also have a dedicated land line direct to the radio station, and a very high 17 Mbps upload speed internet connection that allows our broadcast to be much higher quality than could be possible from homes.



Whenever I have the opportunity, I ask people this question: “Where have you seen the face of Christ in the world today?” I ask this question now of you. Keep your eyes open for signs of hope, of peace, of joy and of love. Wherever you catch a glimpse of grace, you see the face of Christ.

The Rev. Hugh Donnelly

The Rev. Linda Ashfield

The Rev. Brooke Ashfield