Knox Church is alive and well! Yes, some things look different…We’ve had to close the building and our programming at the church building has ceased. But many of our ministries are thriving:

Worship continues weekly via live-streaming ( and radio (CKWR-FM 98.5). (Please let your friends/family know if they are missing worship at their own congregation)

LOGOS groups are meeting virtually on Thursday evenings. (and other groups are looking at doing the same thing!)

Session met this past Tuesday—its first virtual meeting in Knox history! Your ruling elders had a wonderful conversation about how we can be a faithful, non-anxious, caring presence for one another and how the church can continue to be a spiritual presence in people’s lives during these days of social distancing and isolation.

Knox Finances: ACOVID Financial Planning & Assessment Team’ (COVID FP&A Team) is up and running. This group is tasked with developing a strategic plan to help maintain financial viability within the church. We have lost substantial rental income. Offerings have dropped in the past two weeks. This is expected because so many give using church envelopes. We are hopeful that the Knox congregation will continue to give as generously as always.

Many people give by PACK (Pre-Authorized Contributions to Knox). Some will give electronically using one of the means listed on our Knox web page.

Please call the church (519) 885-4150 if you need a guide through the process of giving. You can also call the church and give using your credit card.

There are hopeful developments of government support for small businesses and charities. We are examining this closely and will report to you next week.

We are so grateful to those of you who have already responded so generously to support the ministries of the church through these days of wilderness.

The Contact Program team is connecting with people from the congregation to circulate information and to check in with folks. (And, members are caring for one another by calling and keeping in touch with each other)

The spirit of community is being experienced in a number of on-line ways, including virtual Cafés, Facebook, and other social media.

Sunday School material is being distributed to families each week.

Your Church Staff has made it a priority to offer pastoral care through any means possible. While we are not able to enter hospitals and retirement homes, we have been phoning, emailing, texting, and using video communications.

This Sunday, March 29th is Lent Five and we continue with the theme of Wilderness. Sunday’s scripture is The Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14) and Grieving Lazarus (John 11: 17-27) The sermon is Hope in the Wilderness. We’ll sing “As the deer” and “Lord of all hopefulness” with special music “Something beautiful”, “Beautiful Saviour, Lord of Salvation” by Hugh and Mary-Catherine. Jotham Sennema will perform “40” by U2 from home! We look forward to worshipping with you all.

We hosted two Knox Net Cafés this past week, and people are asking for more! Four Cafés have been scheduled for next week. Click on the link and add your name and email to reserve your seat at the table or email hugh@knoxwaterloo.caif you have any questions, or want help with the technology.

The other day near his home, Hugh saw a message on the sidewalk, written in coloured chalk: “We’ll get through this together.” This one sentence sermon, written by the hand of a child, is a message to all of us, especially those of us who do our best to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We live in a spirit of Hope. We need one another. We need others to reach out to us. We need to be the ones doing the reaching. And together, we can continue to be the church God is calling us to be.

In Christ, your pastoral team:

Hugh Donnelly, Linda Ashfield & Brooke Ashfield