(Brooke’s generosity Blog)
March 22, 2020

This is an extraordinary time for us all. With you, I am experiencing the crisis in our community and in our world. I find myself more called to prayer these days. Perhaps it is because I feel so helpless to help. This is a feeling we all share. Here are some thoughts.

Now is a time for sacrifice. “Sacrifice is giving up something of value, for something of greater value.”

Many are sacrificing to keep us all safe. We say Thank You. We express:

Gratitude for all who are sacrificing to spend extraordinary hours in researching for a vaccine for Covid-19.

Thankfulness for all those medical people sacrificing to provide care for residents of Long-Term Care facilities, Retirement Homes, and those in hospitals and hospice care. They are working harder than ever to carefully follow the new protocols to keep residents and staff safe.

Appreciation for the sacrifice of all our leaders in the not for profit sector, including our partners at House of Friendship and Working Centre providing meals to those who would not have food without their efforts.

Gratefulness for the sacrifice of municipal, provincial and federal persons and organizations monitoring the situation and providing the necessary decisions and finding the resources to keep people safe in their homes. Thank you all!

Knox Waterloo is embracing our values of caring and providing hope during these days.

Worship each Sunday from your home using livestreaming or our radio broadcast on CKWR 98.5. Please do not come to church. The church is closed to all activities and meetings.

Livestreaming is available at 10 am on Sundays at knoxwaterloo.ca please choose the link titled “Watch and Listen Online” to access the service on computer, phone or smart TV.

Radio is found locally at CKWR 98.5 FM, or out of town at ckwr.com  by using the “Listen Now” link on their homepage.

Retirement home worship services are postponed until restrictions are lifted during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pastoral Care:

  1. Church staff continue to serve during this time of isolation. The church office is open for phone calls and email between 9 and 4 Monday to Thursday and 9-1 on Friday. Some staff are working from home, and some are working at the church to access the church database and equipment.
    Church doors are closed. All church activities in our facility are discontinued until further notice.
  2. Anxiety or concerns are common at times like this. We will continue to be available to talk and offer encouragement. If you need help or assistance, let us know. If you’re sick, let us know, we will continue to be available in whatever way is safely possible.
  3. Serving one another. This is a time to be kind and caring to each other. Our prayer line is a phone and email connection to those who will pray for you if you are in need. As people of faith, we find prayer a constant and comforting way to connect with God and one another. As Hugh shared with us on Sunday, we are all encouraged to call, text and email one another and let people know that each person is a valued child of God. We need each other today. It is time to connect with one another in safe ways.

These are extraordinary times. With our facility closed, all rental income has stopped. Utilities, mortgage payments, and expenses continue. We prayerfully ask that you keep giving generously to Knox. These are difficult days for many people. We want to reach out to connect and help others in a timely and compassionate way.

Several people have asked how to continue to give to Knox. Givings to Knox can be made by:

  1. Signing up for PACK(Pre-Authorised Contributions to Knox) with a phone call to the church office, or an email with a copy of a cheque including your banking information.
  2. Cheques can be mailed to Knox Waterloo, 50 Erb Street West, Waterloo, ON, N2L 1T1 (519-886-4150) or drop off at church mailbox.
  3. Donate using Tithe.ly on your phone or iPad. Use the QR code on website.
  4. Call the church (519-886-4150) and make a credit card donation through our POS (Point of Sale machine.)
  5. Easter Offering is an opportunity to show our faith with a donation in thanksgiving to the one who taught us what sacrifice means. To Jesus, the one whose life inspires compassion and service to others. You can give by calling the church and making a donation through your credit card, or QR code.
  6. Some choose to give to Knox through Canada Helps. This option is a little less helpful to us because there is a significant charge for using this service, but we are always pleased to receive your donation. canadahelps.org/en/charities/knox-waterloo-presbyterian-church-waterloo/

This is a time to care for one another. This is a time to read and prayerfully meditate on the daily email from Linda “Practicing Courage in the Wilderness.”

We are so very blessed in this congregation with inspiring leadership, generous people, compassionate and caring groups and programs, and most of all, with the Gospel of Hope in Jesus Christ.

May you discover again the joy and deep satisfaction of Sacrifice. May we be kind and loving to one another. May generosity to others offer us comfort and hope as God walks beside us in these challenging days. Blessings to each one of you.

Thank you.

Brooke Ashfield, Associate Minister