Hello everyone,

It sounds like we are in for some cold weather again.  What a great time to dream about sand, surf and summer!  This week is a week 1 which means that the Senior High group will be in activity time during period 1 and junior high will have recreation.  After dinner, the grades 4 to 6 group will be going skating after dinner.  Your child needs to bring:

  1. skates
  2. helmet – hockey, ski or bike helmet is fine
  3. WARM clothes – winter coat, snow/extra warm pants, hat and gloves
If any adults are able to help out Nicole could use an extra body or two to help tie skates. You are also welcome to bring along your own and hit the ice with the kids.
Any prayer requests – please pass them along to Rebecca Anders (randers@rogers.com)
We could use some extra adult helpers –  helper in Gr 4-6, Period 4 on Week 2s.  Please let me know if you are able to help.
Keep warm as the weather is getting colder – and time to think about summer 🙂
Enjoy your blessings today,