Happy 2020! Make it a GREAT year!  We are so looking forward to seeing all of you at Logos on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. for the start of our new year together.

The Junior Highs are asked to bring a pillow and/or blanket tomorrow for periods 1 and 2 in the Knox Room. They are going to listen to a meditation before doing a dream board.

Grades 4 to 6 Worship Arts: Sun Mar 1 and Sun Apr 19 are the times that have been set aside for our Grades 4-6’s to participate in worship! If you attend another church on Sundays but come to Knox on Thursdays, please consider coming to Knox on these two Sundays?

The Senior Highs will be in the gym this week for Recreation at 4:30 p.m. The grades 1 to 3 are doing activities in Room 202 and the grades 4 to 6 class will be in the gym for recreation after dinner.

See you tomorrow!  Enjoy today!


P.S.  Another year has rolled around quickly and the Potato Blitz is just around the corner.  During this one day ‘blitz’, volunteers at grocery stores across the region aim to collect over $20K in cash and 50K pounds of potatoes! Some potatoes will immediately be used by the Emergency Food Hamper Program, and some will be stored. Knox will be supporting, as we have in the past, by collecting at 2 stores (Valu Mart Uptown Waterloo and Freshco University and Bridge St Waterloo). Sharon Feldman is looking for volunteers to cover 2 hours shifts (9am-11am, 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm).  We have found that 4 people at each location per shift works well. Please let sharonfel@gmail.com know if you can help out. Keep in mind that the Frescho 9 – 11 shift is now full.