(Brooke’s generosity Blog)
December 15, 2019

Christianity is filled with music.

The ancient Hebrews celebrated the story of God’s covenant in worship together. The heart of the faith community was expressed in music. Every one of the 150 Psalms in the bible were sung as part of worship.

Unfortunately, our spiritual ancestors did not have musical notation to pass on the music. The poetry of the Psalms invites each generation to make their own music to the traditional poems of praise, lament, practical-wisdom, and thanksgiving. All Psalms are about God and God’s people.

Christians are people who sing and make music. This is a Christian distinction. We love music and use music to express everything about life and faith.

I grew up listening to Bach organ music in church on a magnificent three manual Casavant pipe organ played by an outstanding organist and choir director. Lilian Forsythe was her name. She also led my mother in a junior choir when my mother was a child. It was my privilege to sing in a choir for five years under her direction and grow to love church music. At the same time our young people’s group was addicted to popular rock and roll, with occasional Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, and… I will stop there before I embarrass myself.

Music was personal and music mattered. I find the same thing happens today. Our choice in music is part of what defines us. In music we seek expressions of who we are, and who we aspire to be.

There are so many passages from the bible that have been put to music that we can cover every one of the 66 books in the bible.

Today we celebrate our Joy in music.

  • Joy that comes from within us.
  • Joy coming over us when we least expect it.
  • Joy finding us in our moments of loneliness.
  • Joy at the relationships in our lives.
  • Joy as music evokes a powerful memory that has touched us deeply.
  • Joy at a Christmas past where we remember one who is in God’s safe keeping.
  • Joy as we are in the moment today of worship.
  • Joy that we will find in music yet to come.

Knox Waterloo is a safe place for music to happen. We are extraordinarily gifted with musical talents, professional music leaders, instrumentalists and singers. We invest heavily in music intentionally. This is expensive, but worth it. We are blessed with music scholars, our worship time leaders at LOGOS, our choirs, praise band, and our gifted, warm and brilliant music director Terry English. Each one adds to the praise we offer God. With Joy.

Music feeds our souls. There is no bad music, just music we might not have learned to love, yet. (Full disclosure: I am working at loving some forms of music and have not yet succeeded.)

As we encounter music and words of inspiration today, may we find blessing and inspiration. May generosity overflow us as we give to make music happen.

With God and Music all things are possible.