This Sunday, December 8th we light the Second Candle of Advent – the Candle of Peace. This is also Pageant Sunday. The grades 4-6 LOGOS tone chimes will play and Junior/Senior High youth will act out the story of “Twinkle and the Bethlehem Star”.  Grades 1-3 LOGOS will sing “This little light of mine”. There will be a lot of carol singing too! The Praise Band will sing “Nothing but a child” by Steve Earl and “Mary did you know?” by Mark Lowry & Buddy Greene. Senior High will read scripture and Junior High will end the service with a Christmas Scramble.

For the next few weeks at Knox we anticipate a good turnout and it’s possible that the sanctuary may get rather full. Our ushers will do their best to find good seats for everyone. We strive to have a scent free area (up front on the pulpit side) but this can become problematic at this time of year. If you know for sure you are not wearing a scent, please consider sitting in this area. For those who are particularly sensitive to scent, we will open the door (and provide some chairs) if you prefer to sit in the little balcony upstairs. Thank you for help.

We hope you and your family can join us this Sunday as we celebrate with the children and youth at Knox.

Wishing you hope and peace as we journey throughout the Advent season together,

Linda Ashfield, Associate Minister at Knox Waterloo