We have a lot going on at Logos over the next few weeks. Our Logos theme this week is Minion Madness BANANA!!!

Just a reminder that cookies in a jar are being assembled by the junior high group during all four periods this week. If any adult participants have time, I am sure that Kathy and Vaughn Sauve would appreciate the extra set of hands helping after 5 p.m. As well, the junior high group will shop December 5th during the first 2 periods for toys.  

This week the grades 1 to 3 are doing activities in Room 202 and the grades 4 to 6 class will be in the gym for recreation after dinner. The grade 4 to 6 group is practicing tone chimes for the pageant.  Please let Debra know if you will be missing practices or any performances asap.  The Junior High group has lots going on as well.  Please confirm if your children are unable to make the performance dates Liz outlined in her email this week.

See you tomorrow 😊


Enjoy the rest of your evening.