First of all, I want to thank the Reconciliation Initiatives Team at Knox for hosting last weekend’s 25th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Confession to Aboriginal People.  The Saturday event with speaker and Blanket Exercise was well received and Sunday’s Worship Service with drummers, singers and speakers was an important milestone in our community.

This Sunday we are celebrating 131 years as a congregation. Our Anniversary theme, based on Hebrews 11 is “Stories of Faithfulness”. Psalm 78 reminds us to share the stories of faith with the community and the generations. Our stories this Sunday come from different time periods of our own congregation. We will hear about the man who carved the Last Supper (in the lounge) and how it came to Knox. We will discover that a young woman here at Knox helped our denomination on the journey to inclusion of women as ministers and elders. We will hear how Col Heasley helped the wider community when he gave leadership to St. Mary’s hospital. And Brooke will tell the story of the various homes Knox has had. We’ll also talk about Mr. Henderson who was a baker here in Waterloo at a time when many people were hungry.

Eric and Susan Beard will give an update from Brightening the Future and we’ll be singing “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Enough for all”, “Be thou my vision”, and “Will you come and follow me?”.

After worship the Women’s Circle of Care will be serving Apple Crisp (tickets will be sold as this is a fund raiser).

An anniversary is a good time to remember a congregation’s history, but it’s also a time to look forward and make renewed commitments for the new circumstances of the future. We mark an anniversary through remembering God’s faithfulness, understanding our identity before God and rededicating ourselves to God’s continuing work.

Happy 131st Anniversary  everyone! See you on Sunday.

Linda Ashfield, Associate Minister at Knox