We had a wonderful first Wednesday at Knox of the season. Almost 70 people gathered for lunch, fellowship and an inspiring message from Margaret Brockett and Sarah Flanagan of “Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre”. We’re off to a great start!

LOGOS begins Thursday, September 26th (4:30-7:30) and plans are underway! If you haven’t registered your child (grades 1-12) please do so as soon as possible.

Also, LOGOS would like to invite congregational members to their Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner on October 10th at 6 p.m. Cost is only $5 but you need to let the cooks know you’re coming by Monday, September 30th. Please let Kendra Breen logoskitchen@gmail.com know how many from your household will be coming.

This Sunday, September 22nd we are celebrating Eldership at Knox by ordaining three NEW Elders – Eric Beard, Dave Dougall and Amy Wolf and welcoming two Elders back to active service – Marg Johnston and David Matthews. We’re also saying thank you to the three Elders who are stepping down from the Session – Heather Cawsey, Gordon Coyne and Greg Sennema. They become Sustaining Elders at Knox along with other Elders who are not on Session at this time.

The Choir will sing “Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom” by Ruth Duck and Donna Kasbohm and our newest music scholar Shanice Skinner will sing “How beautiful you are my love” by Srul Irving Glick. I was ordained in 1979 and so after 40 years of pastoral ministry, I’ll be reflecting on ministry and in particular what it has been like being one of the first woman ministers in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. My reflection is titled “Dangly earrings and darts”.  Hoping my anecdotes will bring some laughter as well as some thoughtful consideration about what it means that we are all made in God’s image.

See you on Sunday!

May God’s blessings abound,

Linda Ashfield, Minister at Knox Waterloo