The summer camps are full, the sun is shining, school is out and summer has truly begun.

This Sunday, July 7th we ‘ll hear the story of Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-14) a man who probably suffered from toxic masculinity as well as  the dreaded disease of leprosy. Clearly desperate for a cure and not one who ever had to ask for help, he listened to a young girl (a slave in his household) who shared her faith. It is an incredible story of vulnerability speaking to power, and yet her voice must have echoed such faith and truth (and perhaps Naaman  was incredibly desperate) that he listened to her and set out on a journey to get the help he so desperately needed. The New Testament reading,

Matthew 18:1-5 reminds us that Jesus chose a child to be an example of faith for his followers. The sermon “The Faith of a Child” will remind us of the gift of children and youth, the responsibility we have  for faith formation for the children “in our hands” and the times in life when “a  little child leads us”.

Once again Jake Villeneuve will be singing. This offertory is “How  Beautiful” by Jeff Lippencott.

As you prepare for worship this Sunday (whether here in the sanctuary, listening to the radio or live streaming) perhaps you might reflect upon your journey in life and faith (from the time of your own childhood to now) as  well as giving thanks for the wisdom  and faith of the children we have had the pleasure to know.

HELP IS NEEDED THIS SUMMER – at this point, no one has signed up to help with the refreshments after worship for any Sunday all summer long. Remember that the Sunday attendant gets things ready and it’s just a matter of  refreshing things and cleaning up. Please consider doing this one summer Sunday – you can call into the office with your date, or sign your name on the list on the bulletin board.

Thank you!

Linda Ashfield, minister at Knox