Well we have finally made it to the May long weekend! (When I was a child this was the weekend we opened my grandmother’s cottage and in my mind summer had begun.)

For those who are away, I hope you might consider livestreaming the worship service and those of you staying home, I hope to see you in worship.  The Choir will be singing “I lift my eyes” by Hal Hopson and the sermon theme “Roll the Stone Away” is based on Genesis 28:18&22, Mark 16:1-4; and 1 Peter 2:4-8a which speak about stones and living stones.

Please remember to pick up your Elder Election Ballots here at the church and available on Sundays and throughout the week. 10 Elders are remaining on Session (so their names will not be on the list) but 5 Elder’s term on Session is complete and so their names will be on the list. There is a MISTAKE on the list with Debbie Schlichter’s name. Debbie’s term is not up and so her name should NOT have been on the list. (In other words, as Debbie put it; “don’t vote for me, I’m still on Session.”)

Ballots are to be returned by Sunday, June 9th and will be counted on June 10th.

There are only 40 tickets left for the Emmet Cahill concert. Also I hope you’ve seen the great photos of the knitted and stitched tapestries that will be here with “The Knitting Pilgrim” theatrical presentation. (The photos are on our website and Knox bulletin board). Help us get the word out.

May God continually help us to find new possibilities for the choices we make as we live in the world, knowing we are loved and forgiven.


Linda Ashfield, minister at Knox