How to watch and listen to our service

Easter Fanfare
Deb Lacoste, Trumpet

Call to Worship

Hymn 243  “Jesus Christ is risen today”

Easter Greetings

Gathering Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Celebration of Peace  “Halle, halle, halle” A traditional
Caribbean song

Fun With the Young at Heart   “Hallelujah”  Carey Landry

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering:

Offerings may be given in prayer and service and with financial gifts… 
Ways to Give to Knox

Offertory: “On that Great Great Mornin’” Mary McDonald
Mary-Catherine Pazzano and Hugh Donnelly

Hymn “For the life that you have given”

Prayer of Dedication (unison)

God of grace,
it is our delight to give these gifts to you.
All we are and all we have are yours alone.
Accept this joyful offering as a token of our abiding love:
use it to bring peace, justice and comfort to all the world, Amen.

Scripture:  John 20:19

Sermon: “Scarred”

Song   We are rising

The Sacrament of Communion


Communion Prayer

Musical Reflection “Hallelujah, Resurrection Day” (Larry Shackley, Robert Lowry)
Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Partaking of Bread & Cup

Prayer following Communion

Hymn 250 “Lord of the dance”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”

Walk with me, I will walk with you;
And build the land that God has planned
Where love shines through.

Postlude   Happy Days/Get Happy (arr. Mel Torme)
Virtual Duet with Jessy Ernewein and Mary-Catherine Pazzano