Good morning everyone!  This week’s Logos theme is LOGOS Got Talent”.  Please think of what talent you would like to share and sign up at the Welcome Desk when you arrive! We know there are some interesting and unique talents out there and we would love to see them!  This week the junior high group is going to see Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood right after dinner so they will be leaving a little early from our meal.  If any junior high participants have a talent to share, we will ask them to share at the start of dinner.

This week is a week 1 so we have Junior High group in the gym at 4:30 and Senior High group is doing activities. Grades 4 to 6 are doing activities after dinner and grade 1 to 3 are in the gym.

This week we will be welcoming a few visitors including Tori Smit previously at Knox Waterloo who is Regional Minister for Faith Formation in the Presbyterian Church in Canada who is introducing Mirim a student for Ministry, and other staff, Karen DeBoer and Holly Boyne, to Logos.  All four visitors will be observing all four parts of Logos during the evening.  Please welcome them into your class 😊

If anyone would like confidential prayers for themselves or their Logos group, please let Rebecca Anders know who is leading a small prayer team for the Logos community.

The grade 4 to 6’s and junior high group are participating in the Christmas pageant on December 8th and are busy preparing for those performances!

Our Christmas meal and service are coming up.  We invite the broader Knox community to our annual Christmas service on December 12th at 6:45 p.m. and meal at 6 p.m. for $5.  Please let me know if anyone who does not normally eat dinner is planning to attend the Christmas dinner at 6 p.m. by emailing before December 9th

See you Thursday!  Enjoy the blessings around you today.