Hymns and Hops at the Huether continues to draw an amazing group each month. Some come with their instruments, some come with a favourite song to sing, there is someone new each month, all come with their voices. This very informal and friendly gathering of all ages meets on the first Monday of the month downstairs at the Huether Hotel on King Street. A leader starts us with a choice and from then on it is up to the group. Some are members/adherents of Knox, some go to another church; some don’t attend Sunday worship anywhere. Sometimes we sing acapella, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in unison; but we sing and love singing from 7-8:30 pm. February 6th is Camp Night Songs – bring a favourite song/hymn you learned around the campfire. March 6th – we might sing some Lenten songs along with the classics we find in the hymn book. If you want to know more about this – please speak with Linda Ashfield.