Knox Waterloo - Diversity Training Workshop Registration

Knox Waterloo - Diversity Training Workshop Registration

We are delighted that our Inclusion Initiatives Committee is sponsoring a Diversity Training Workshop for the congregation [all persons over the age of 15]. Many community groups, schools, work places and congregations sponsor this kind of workshop and we are pleased that two professional facilitators will be here at Knox to help us put our words into action.

The workshop will be led by two professional facilitators who specialize in diversity and equity training. Deepa Ahluwalia, MSW [Equity & Inclusion Officer – WRDSB] | Sean Jackson, B,Sc., M.Ed. [High School Educator, WRDSB] The workshop will use a variety of resources [video, handouts, activities] and be interactive in nature. The facilitators will use scenarios that are relevant to Knox Waterloo.

Those who participate in the workshop will receive a certificate and identifying pin to acknowledge completion of the training. Please attend even if you have done similar training in your workplace or school. Your experience will help to enrich conversations and learnings for all participants at Knox.

Four dates have been planned to try to accommodate as many people as possible.

There is NO COST to participate. Snacks will also be provided.