Call to Worship

One: The table of God’s love is set before us.
All: Let us come to the banquet.
One: The table of God’s grace is set before us.
All: Let us come to the banquet.
One: The table of God’s healing is set before us.
All: Let us come to the banquet.
One: But before you come, you must know – all are invited to the table:
All: rich and poor
One: young and old
All: misfits and the “in” crowd
One: gracious and greedy.
All: All are invited.
One: The table of God’s hospitality is set before us.
All: Let us come to the banquet with joy.

Hymn #530:  I come with joy
Words: Brian A. Wren (1936-) Music:  DOVE OF PEACE, Walker’s Southern Harmony 1835; harmony, Charles H. Webb (1933-)
Words: © 1971, 1995 by Hope Publishing Co. OneLicense #00455 

Welcome & Gathering Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation:  The Peace of the Earth
Words: Guatemalan traditional, translated by Christine Carson, Music: Guatemalan folk melody © 1998 Iona Community, GIA Publications
OneLicense #57518

The peace of the earth be with you,
the peace of the heavens too;
the peace of the rivers be with you,
the peace of the oceans too.
Deep peace falling over you;
God’s peace growing in you. (Repeat)

Fun with the Young at Heart

Video: Eat together
Music: What the world needs now
(Hal David/Burt Bacharach) performed by Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Scripture:  Luke 14: 1, 7-24
read by Linda & Brianna Stewart

Sermon: Open Table
Rev. Courtney Crawford

Hymn: Come to the banquet
Words & Music: Fay White © Fay White, Grapevine Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.  OneLicense #117649

Sacrament of Communion


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Enjoying the Gifts of the Earth

Musical Reflection: At this Table
(Idina Menzel, Jonas Myrin): Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Invitation to the Offering

Hymn of the month: For all the children (v.1)
words & music David Lohman© 2007 David Lohman Music, All rights reserved, Used with permission from resource “Songs for the Holy Other”

Prayer of Dedication

Hymn: For Everyone Born, A Place at the Table
Words: Shirley Erena Murray © 1998 Hope Publishing
Music: Brian Mann © 2006 GBGMusik OneLicense #A-717854 


Sending Song:  God speed you on your way (v.2)
Words & music Shona Murray & Shirley Erena Murray
Words © 1999, 2000 Murray, Shirley Erena; Music © 1999, 2000
Murray, Shona CCLI #2580326

God lead you to the new,
Places and points of view,
Roads to take,
Friends to make,
More life to travel through (x2)


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, The Rev. Courtney Crawford, Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Tech Team: Kathleen Forde, Eric Gaudet, Barb Gaudet

Copyright: CCLI License # 2580326. Onelicense A-713805  Images and videos used with permission.