Lent 1 Intergenerational


Call to Worship

One: The bags are packed and set for the journey. Are you ready?
All: Not really. We have so much still to do!
One: The Lord calls to us now. The Peace of God is at hand.
All: What will be required of us for this journey?
One: Open your hearts and spirits. Take the risk of discipleship.
All: Lord, help us to be ready.  Calm our fears as we step forward in faith.
One: Come journey home.
All: We return to God with all our heart.

Hymn #641: “One more step along the road”
Words & music Sydney Carter © 1976, Stainer & Bell Ltd.
One License #03216 


Gathering Prayer

Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession (unison)

Sung Kyrie (Lord, have mercy)
Music: The Iona Community © 1995, GIA Publications
One License #37802 


Sung Response: “Halle, halle, halle”

Burying the Alleluia

Prayer for Illumination

We journey in the ark
Dramatic Reading based on Genesis 9:8-17
By The McLean Family 

Video: “The 40 days of Lent” produced by Salt Project

We journey in the wilderness
Dramatic Reading based on Mark 1:9-15
By the Rozomiak Family

Hymn #196: “Throughout these Lenten days and nights” (v.1-4)
Words: James Gertmenian, music: Public Domain © 1993, Hope Publishing Company One License #12108 

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Presentation of our offering

Invitation to Offering

Offertory: “You sayperformed by Renée Gaudet & Family
Words & music Jason Ingram, Lauren Daigle, Paul Mabury
© 2016 CentricSongs, See You At The Pub, Fellow Ships Music, Flychild Publishing, So Essential Tunes CCLI #7071357

Doxology: “All we are, we lay it down”
Words and music Adam Howard
© Adam Howard/RESOUNDworship.org
CCLI #5314906

All we are, we lay it down,
for you, our God and friend;
Take our lives into your hands,
here we are to send.

Search our hearts, and you will find
willingness to serve
For your cross has covered us
with grace we don’t deserve. 

Sacrament of Communion

Invitation to the Table

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

The Lord’s Prayer (Terry English): Knox Chancel Choir

Enjoying the gifts of the earth

Prayer after Communion

Extinguishing the Lenten Candles

Hymn: “Come and find the quiet centre”
words Shirley Erena Murray, Jack Schrader
© 1992, Hope Publishing Company.  One License #110182


Lenten Sending Song: “Broken” (v.3)
Words and music: John Coleman
© 2004, The Iona Community, Wild Goose Publications

Travel, each of us travel,
Companions together walking the way.
Beauty, discovering beauty.
Lighting the darkness, surprising us all.


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, The Rev. Courtney Crawford, Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Tech Team: Kathleen Forde, Joseph Gordon, Stephen Kauk

Knox Waterloo: CCLI License # 2580326. One license A-713805  Images and videos used with permission.