Based on Living Compass “Practicing Courage with all your heart, soul, strength and mind”

Wednesday, March 4

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

Many of the important relationships in our lives, including relationships with friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors, will likely experience challenging moments over a lifetime. This is because every relationship we are a part of is made up of two imperfect individuals; and because each of us is imperfect, our relationships are also imperfect. We hurt and disappoint one another, we become irritable and short with each other, and thus we experience wilderness periods that test our relationships.

We are journeying in the wilderness with Jesus this Lent but remember that we will leave the wilderness. This is not our destination, but part of the journey towards the cross and resurrection. It is important that when we find ourselves in a hard place in a relationship, we don’t get stuck there, but that we grow in and through the challenging time. In fact, most of us can look at our strongest relationships and realize that there have been hard times in the relationship that have ultimately made our connection deeper and more meaningful.

It takes courage to be able to acknowledge when we have been wrong and have hurt someone we care about. It takes courage to ask for forgiveness. Only when we are comfortable with our own vulnerability will we be able to see and acknowledge the “log in our own eye,” rather than focusing solely on the “speck in the eye of our siblings.”

Authentic, lasting relationships involve two imperfect and vulnerable people who have the courage not to give up on each other. Can you think of a relationship where you need the courage to be vulnerable? Can you think of a relationship you have today that is strong because you and the other person did have the courage to be vulnerable?