Are you excited about the Superbowl or do you prefer the half time show (or the commercials)?  This week is our Souperbowl LIV theme at Logos.  Who are you cheering for – San Francisco or Kansas City? This is Week 2 on our schedule. Jr High are in the Knox Room periods 1 & 2 for an Improv workshop. Senior high group has recreation in the hall at 4:30 p.m.  After dinner, the grade 1 to 3 group are doing activities and 4 to 6 group have recreation.

Just a reminder that next week (Feb 6) Gr 4-6 will be skating period 4 (leaving supper at 6:30). We could use one or two extra bodies to help tie skates. So if you’re willing and able please Nicole Bardeau know (  Many thanks!
Good luck to those in high school studying for exams!!  See you on Thursday.
Enjoy your evening.