134th Knox Waterloo Anniversary Sunday

September 27, 2022

Happy anniversary, Knox Waterloo! Our church marks 134 years of ministry and Christian witness. You are invited to the celebrations on October 23. 

This year our guest preacher will be the Rev. Dr. Robert N. Faris, Moderator of the 147th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. As a lifelong Presbyterian with almost 40 years of service in ordained ministry, the Rev. Dr. Faris’ work has included acting as Director of Camp Kintail, teaching at a seminary in Mozambique, and providing leadership in two Canadian ecumenical organizations. He currently serves as Associate Minister at St. Andrew’s Church in downtown Toronto. 

As we mark our anniversary, we look to our past and consider the factors which have shaped who we are now as a congregation. We also look to the future and wonder where the journey will take us. The Rev. Dr. Faris encourages us to take inspiration from the lyrics of Sydney Carter’s wonderful hymn, One more step along the world I go. How might the lyrics “And it’s from the old I travel to the new. Keep me traveling along with you” shape our shared journey?  

These are exciting days for Knox. Although the pandemic is not over, we are rediscovering ways to be the church in community. People are gathering. Activities are starting up. In-person choir and Church School is taking place on Sunday mornings. Well-loved programs are resuming. New programs are being born. Our Futures initiative is helping Knox discern our priorities for the future. We have much to celebrate!

We are hoping you are able to give a special financial gift to Knox in honour of the occasion. In the past, we have sent out a special Anniversary Envelope. This year, we ask instead that you choose one of the following ways to show your generosity and appreciation: you may drop a gift off at the church in the form of cash or cheque; call the office with a credit card number; or send an e-transfer to knox@knoxwaterloo.ca.  However you choose to give your gift, please specify Anniversary Sunday in the memo.  While all gifts are greatly appreciated, many people choose to give a gift of one dollar (or a multiple thereof) for each year of our church’s history, which would be $134, $1340, or even $13,400. 

We look forward to gathering with you in person, on-line, or by radio, at 10AM on October 23rd!

Hugh Donnelly  & Courtney Crawford

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