Christmas and New Years!

The Advent Season is over, and we are now enjoying the Christmas Season that leads us into a New Year. Thank you to everyone who made December a wonder filled time. From worship, to children’s and adult programs and outreach to the community it was humbling and joyful. It was most likely our last Christmas with you as your ministry team.

When we announced our upcoming retirement to the congregation on September 23rd, we had no idea that this might impact the givings to our church home. Yet, this seems to have happened. We were on a trajectory to a balanced budget for 2018 with generous financial support from January to September. But in October, November, and (projected) December, we are $12,100 short each month. The projected year end is a deficit of $36,300.

After nearly 30 years at Knox, we are in new territory. It is perfectly understandable that ministers leaving will create uncertainty, and uncertainty in general often results in lower donations.  This is not a disastrous deficit, but it is concerning as we had aspired to a balanced budget in 2018 and had every indication was that this would happen.

The Finance Committee and Session will be finalizing the 2019 budget in the coming weeks and a substantial shortfall will certainly change things. As 2018 comes to a close, you may choose to make a gift to your church. The church office will be open today from 9-4, tomorrow (December 28th) 9-4 and Monday (31st) from 9-noon. And of course, there is still one more Sunday offering!

The leadership at Knox has carefully planned for a best-practice change in leadership. We have a talented and wise Search Committee set to look for new leadership that fully understands Knox.

We have confidence in God, and in the Holy Spirit guided process of courageously stepping into the future of a new year. We are in the hands of Jesus Christ and will continue to live in hope.

For you who are able, a post-Christmas gift to Knox would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Brooke and Linda Ashfield, ministers at Knox Waterloo


Knox Waterloo Offerings can be made through the church office, at worship on December 30th, and until noon at the office on December 31st. Gifts can also be made through your credit card at Pushpay (other options are listed on our Give to Knox page).

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