“And what I say to you I say to all: Keep awake.”
Mark 13:37

One way to begin to practice wonder is to be awake, to pay attention, to practice being in the moment.

It’s not only Santa who makes a list at this time of year. Many of us have a “to do” list: baking, gift buying, decorating, getting the tree, cooking, etc. Many of us have gift lists too, writing down what we hope to give or have gotten for those we buy presents for. It can become a season of focusing on getting things done and checking our list and crossing things off, so that we are not really paying attention to anything else.

In all our hectic running around we may miss the wonder that is right in front of us. And if we do notice it, do we take the time to enjoy it, to pause, to reflect, to give God thanks or even to share it? Too many of us expect Christmas wonder to descend upon us once everything is done and ready. Wonder may visit us on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day but it might be there throughout Advent as well.

Is there something that is distracting you from being aware of God’s presence and wonder in your life? Is there something you must put away in order to become open to the wonder of God’s presence around you? What can help you each day to be more awake to God’s presence? How can you make room for wonder?