Monday, December 3rd

“Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: thus, is your time on earth filled with glory.”
Betty Smith “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

Do you remember your childhood Christmases? For some of us this can bring up difficult memories. But happily, many of us remember the joy and the sheer wonder of the magic of what Christmas meant.

One of my favourite pictures of myself is at my dad’s company’s Christmas party. Santa always came after lunch and cartoons and games and gave a gift to every child. There I am, probably about four years old, holding my gift and just staring with wonder and awe at Santa.

I remember the excitement of Christmas morning and how difficult it was for my brother and I to sleep in and to not wake our parents. How many Christmases did I wake when it was still dark, creep into the living room and just stare with amazement at the gifts and full stockings?

For those of us who have lived many more Christmases now, we might have said, “I just don’t seem to have the ‘Christmas spirit’ this year. I’m not feeling it!” What do we mean when we say this? Are we trying to relive that childhood feeling? Or perhaps we just can’t wait till Christmas and its busyness, stress and over the top way people celebrate is over.

As we approach Advent and Christmas this year, let’s remind ourselves that we have never experienced THIS Advent and THIS Christmas. As much as some years feel the same, each year is by definition unique. Can we commit to practicing wonder and openness and approach each person and each celebration as if we are experiencing them for the first time?

How can you be open to what God wants to share with you THIS Christmas? Might this approach bring some wonder back into your life? How can you begin to practice wonder this Season?