(Brooke’s generosity Blog)
August 5, 2018

I am writing this on July 24th (I like to get ahead on the generosity inserts when holidays are planned.)

On Sunday July 22nd, a gunman went down Danforth Avenue from Logan Avenue to near Broadview, shooting with a hand gun as he went. Two people were shot and killed. 18-year-old Reese Fallon, preparing for her first term at McMaster University and 10 year old Julianna Kozis. The gunman was killed with a self-inflicted gunshot. Thirteen others were injured by gunfire, and today 9 are still in hospital.

This affected me. This was our neighbourhood. We lived on “The Danforth” for seven years. We walked this street every day. Every Saturday morning I picked up fresh croissants with the Globe and Mail. This was home.

Tragedy can strike at any time and in any place. We know this, but still make assumptions that tomorrow will be very much like today. We need to find the ‘normal’ spaces in life.

Rev. Alex Bisset ministers and lives in the Danforth area of Toronto. His church is at Pape and Danforth. He wrote this prayer for the church at such a time as this.

“Loving God, we pray for our city, for our friends, and for our neighbours in the aftermath of the shooting on the Danforth. We pray for those who were out enjoying a pleasant evening with people they loved when violence erupted.

We remember lives cut short, and pray for those who were injured, and for their families and friends, that they might be healed in body and in spirit.

We pray for those who were scared, and those who are still scared. We give thanks for those whose vocation and training causes them to run towards situations that most of us flee from.

We give thanks for the emergency room staff at our hospital.

We pray for those who witnessed the violence, and whose lives are impacted. And we pray for our elected officials, that they would be given wisdom and courage as they govern.

O God, your son felt the depth of human emotion, and wept in the midst of grief. Lord help us to know that you weep with us, and that your heart is with every act of  senseless violence.

Give us courage to walk, without fear, for you walk with us.  Help us to live as children of the light. Help us to proclaim, by our words and by our actions, that violence will not win. For we ask all this in the name of your unending love for us all. Amen.”