(Brooke’s generosity Blog)
July 8, 2018

Thank You Letter to donors

Dear friend,

You are making wonderful things happen. Some have made a single gift, and some have been giving for decades. You all give to support Hope in our world. You also provide the funds for my pay check 24 times a year. This could not happen without you. I want to thank you personally for this.

I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on this planet. I have a loving family, reasonable health, (getting physiotherapy for torn meniscus in left knee and for arthritic hips) and a place to work where every day is different. I admire the people that I work with. I am in awe of the ministries that touch so many people. I love, just love, sitting back and watching people step out and perform ministry and mission. So many people are leaders. The eight monthly retirement home/Long term care worship services happen because of the worship leadership of the teams that do this. I am honoured to visit, but the real work has already been done before I ever get there. Thank you.

We live in one of the most vibrant urban centres in Canada. Waterloo Region is growing, intensification is happening. The LRT, ION will soon smoothly take passengers around Kitchener and Waterloo. (Cambridge will come later.) Schools are filled with children learning and sports teams are active.

We are blessed to live here. This church is one of the most visible buildings in the Region.

God is good. At Knox we lead with gentleness and, hopefully, with grace. Everything we do is designed to empower our people in ministry and mission. We seek to honour those who take up leadership in ministry by providing the best practices in resources and methodologies.

Our children deserve the very best in a safe environment and in resources as they grow in faith and life. We honour terms of service, so that anyone who commits to lead, will feel free to step down and let another lead in their place. In this way, we are never short of people willing to help. (Well, occasionally we may shout-out a call to help, but mostly our programs work smoothly and with effectiveness.)

Our annual report each year shows a snap shot of what we do. The list is long. There is something for almost everyone. (We do not yet have a small group devoted to sky-diving, but let us know and we could form one!)

These ministries and, in fact, all the ministries of Knox Waterloo thrive because of the generosity of people like you. I am so grateful for the contribution you made this past month. I want you to know how deeply it is appreciated.

God’s vision for Knox Waterloo is unfolding! Each day we move a step closer thanks to the commitment and support of our church community.

May the Richest Blessings of our Lord Jesus be with you.

Your minister and friend,


Thank you.