First, thank you to the many Knox people who helped to host the Affirm event last Saturday. We had close to 300 people and I am so grateful to our members who worked hard behind the scenes to make sure that our guests were welcomed, could hear the event, see wonderful images, were able to watch from afar through our live stream, went home with a printed program and sticker, saw a beautifully decorated church, enjoyed a wonderful reception afterwards, and experienced Christian hospitality. To all who helped plan and to those who helped on the day – thank you! We have received some good feedback which included a deep sense of gratefulness for the event.

Also, I want to thank all the Knox folk who have been helping at General Assembly this week. Commissioners gathered from across Canada and met at Laurier, which of course is up the street from us. To elders who served communion, ushers, drivers, greeters and runners – thanks for your time! Also, to those who sat at the back of the Assembly, there to give your encouragement and support to our members who were presenting this week – many thanks. I’m sure everyone is rather exhausted, but your grace and patience and thoughtfulness were noted by many.

This Sunday June 10th is an Intergenerational Service (which means grades 3 and up will be in worship with us). On Sunday we celebrate the graduation of grade 6, 8 and 12 young people. We will also be commissioning people who will be working at Christian camps this summer and marking the profession of faith of another young person. Children and teens will be helping to lead worship, there will be some great music and we will reflect on “What is God like” with some biblical images. I hope you will join us as we gather in the name of Jesus, worship God and celebrate the community of faith together.

Peace be with you,

Linda Ashfield, minister at Knox Waterloo