Knox Waterloo Welcome Statement:
“God’s Love Includes Everyone!  As an inclusive, affirming congregation, we honour the diversity of God’s creation. Our community is richer when we include people of all ages, gender identities, racial and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, economic circumstances and family configurations. We seek to provide a safe space so that each person can bring every aspect of their whole self into participation within this congregation. We invite all to join into the life, leadership, witness and ministry of Knox Waterloo.”

Entry of the Bible

Call to Worship:

One: God calls us at all sorts of times.
All: Speak, Lord – your servant is listening.
One: Often, when we do not expect it, if we will listen we can hear God calling us.
All: Speak, Lord – your servant is listening.
One: God is all around us; God shines in our hearts and can be found wherever we are.
All: Speak, Lord – your servant is listening.
One: Come. Let’s worship the Lord our God!

Hymn 634 verses 1, 2, 4 &5 “Will you come and follow me”

Opening Prayer (Adoration and Confession)

Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy) – Chancel Choir
Bass – Dan Corrigan, Drums – James Turner
Music by Andy Beck

Words of Assurance

Peace Invocation: “May the Peace of Christ Be with You”

Passing the Peace

Welcome & Acknowledgements

Introit: “Make this Church a Welcome Place” – Chancel Choir
Music by Joel Raney, Words by J. Paul Williams

Announcements and Welcoming New Members

Hymn 475 verses 1, 2 & 4  “I am the Church! You are the church!”      

Children’s Time: “Outreach and Mission” (video)

Today in Sunday school: 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Here I am, Lord
Next week: Mark 3:20-35 Part of God’s family

Hymn 475 verse 5 “I am the Church! You are the church!”

Readings from the Bible: 

Songs of the Hebrew People: Psalm 139 1-9

Gospel: Mark 2:23-3:6

Presentation of Offering:

Offertory: “Cantate Canticum Novum” (Sing we a joyful new song) – Knox Chancel Choir
Music by Andy Beck
Bass – Dan Corrigan, Drums – James Turner

Hymn “For the life that you have given”

Prayer of Dedication

Meditation on the Word “Higher Fences or Longer Tables?”

Invitation to Communion

Communion Hymn 546 “Here is bread: Here is wine”

Gift of Communion

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Lord’s Prayer: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven, Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen

Distribution of the Bread and Cup
Today, communion is being served by members of the Choir. Please hold on to the bread and the cup       and we will partake together. Gluten free bread is wrapped.

Communion Anthem “Then Sings My Soul”
Words and music – Stuart Hines, arr. Mary McDonald
Soloists – Stephanie Tulloch and Jake Villeneuve

Closing Prayer

Hymn 457 “Now thank we all our God”

Benediction and Choral Closing “Walk with me”

In loving memory of Janet and Neil Campbell
a donation has been made for todays Radio and Live Streaming Ministry
by Joan Campbell and family.

Welcome Desk: Gloria Roberts & Femmy Birks
Greeters: Ian, Hannah & Abigall McLean
Ushers: Judy & John McBride, Sandi & Tom McBride, Sue & Bruce Dickieson
Radio/Sound: Mark Culp
Broadcast: Barb Gaudet
Multimedia: Kathleen Forde
Giving Table: Greg Sennema
Hospital Visitor: Anne Arjas
Refreshments: Edi & Bill Stevens
Sunday Attendant: Ellen McIntosh

Welcome to Knox Waterloo

  • You are welcome in the name of Jesus.
  • Individual listening devices for improved sound are available at the Welcome Desk.
  • We have Scent-Free Seating on the front left side as you enter from the back. You can also enter the scent free area from the side door.
  • There is a bright, modern nursery on the main floor next to the sanctuary. If your infant or small child needs care during the worship service, you may leave the sanctuary and return as you wish. You and your child are welcome during worship. Childcare for infants and toddlers is available.
  • Worship bags, containing quiet activities are on the wall opposite the nursery and toddler room. You are welcome to borrow one of these bags.
  • Offering envelopes are on the backs of seats. You may choose to give after worship using credit card, debit card, or e-transfer. If using an offering envelope please leave your full address on it. This is a requirement for all charities in order to send charitable receipts for gifts.
  • Please take a moment, if you wish, to introduce yourself to one of the ministers, or a greeter at the welcome desk.

There are many ways to give at Knox Waterloo. Everything we do is supported by the financial generosity of our community. We give generously in many ways.

  • Some through PACK (Pre Authorized Contribution to Knox)
  • Some generously with gifts of appreciated assets
  • Some give via Credit Card or Debit after Church
  • Some with weekly offering envelops
  • Now through the phone app Pushpay, for Knox Waterloo, using our credit card at any time we feel God’s grace and a want to give. We can give 24 hours a day through this app. This takes about 10 seconds.