This Sunday (Mother’s Day) is traditionally called “Christian Family Sunday”. It’s a day to remember that our faith connects us to one another. A community of faith is like a family as the song/scripture says “I will weep when you are weeping, when you laugh, I’ll laugh with you.” The care and compassion we show to one another and to this world that God so loves, is part of the DNA of being a Christian.

The sermon “Belonging: Our life together in Christ” is based on this understanding. The scriptures from John 15 remind us that we also belong to Christ who describes himself as the vine, and we are the branches.

The choir will sing a new hymn for us “When long before time” and “Gentle Voice”.

We are delighted that this Sunday is also the celebration of welcoming new members as our young people make an Affirmation of Faith.

This Sunday we stand alongside Erin Dougall, Matt Fazzari, Samantha Gerrard, Carrie Kim, Davna McLean, Hannah McLean, Laura McLean, Adrianna Molenaar and Amelia Rozomiak as they make their profession of faith and are confirming the vows taken by their families when they were baptized.

We hope you will join us in worship as we give God thanks for these wonderful young people who are taking this important step in their faith journey.

Linda Ashfield, Minister at Knox