First off, thank you to everyone who made our LOGOS 25 Anniversary Sunday such an amazing Celebration!!!!  So many people have commented on what a great reminder of how lucky we are here, at Knox, to have such a dynamic, intergenerational ministry.  We all feel blessed to be part of a program that brings generations together well!!! A special Thank you to Wednesdays at Knox, who provided the fabulous meal, Greg Sennema for the amazing video and Mandy Woods for her spectacular photo slide show!  Plus all the other “behind the scenes personnel” who helped with the Tribute.

This is the last “official” newsletter for LOGOS for the 2017/18 Year.  Thanks so much for all your wonderful support of the program this year!  Together we are stronger!!!!  This week is a Week 2 Which means that the Jr High will begin Upstairs with an activity and the Sr High in the Gym.  After dinner the Grade 1 – 3’s will be doing a craft upstairs and the Grades 4 – 6 will be doing a scavenger hunt – we are hopeful a few extra people will be willing to help us chaperone the Grade 4 -6 on wherever the scavenger hunt might take them!  Please let Jen, Nicole or I know if you are willing to come from 6:45-7:30 to help us out.

The theme this week is, “If you can do it, you can dream it”….a quote by the fabulous Walt Disney himself who imagined a wonderful kingdom full of magical surprises.  We celebrate the special people who will be graduating into Sr High and also those who will be leaving Sr High and the LOGOS program itself.  We are so grateful you are part of our community.

I hope to see you at our Final Child in our Hands workshop this Sunday from 11:30 – 1 – our topic will be “Godly Play” and we hope many of our Recreation Leaders will feel inspired to attend.  In addition, the Steering Committee will be meeting with our Sr High Leaders next Thursday in hopes to debrief and brainstorm on how to make our Sr High Program even more dynamic.  If you feel you would like to be part of this conversation, please let us know so we can be sure to have enough food.  We will be meeting at 5:30 and hope to wrap up before 8 pm.

And finally, this came into my inbox this morning from “The Brave Girls Club”…but I found it applies to ALL of us here at LOGOS especially….YOU REALLY do belong – to LOGOS and to God’s greater plan! Thank you for making this year so much fun – it has been great getting to know you all better and I look forward to learning and growing even more next year!  xo


Dear Rightful Soul,

You belong.

You belong on this earth, you belong in the room. You belong to humanity and you belong to everything good and true. You belong.

It is truly amazing how we can fool ourselves (or let other things fool us) into believing that we do not belong. We can let every experience we have ever lived through stain our ‘certificate of belonging’ to be so dark that we can’t remember what it says or what it means.

You belong, and so does she. You belong and so does he. You belong, and so do we. You belong.

An easy way to shift our belief of not belonging is to step back and make room in the circle for others who do not feel as if they belong…..somehow when we treat others as if they absolutely belong… reminds us that we belong too.

So look around at those whose hands and heads are hanging down…..and bring them into the circle of belonging. Smile at them, SEE them for who they are, SEARCH fiercely to find the most beautiful and unique things in them that they have forgotten and point those things out to them. And most of all, seek for things that are the same as you, and draw those things deeply into your heart and never forget them.

It’s kind of a little magic trick. When you treat her, and him, as if they belong, somehow you will forget that you got tricked into believing that you don’t belong. You remember what you knew all along.

We all belong…..
and we are all so very very very loved.

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