Exciting news!!! In keeping with last night’s Oscars, we are rolling out the Red Carpet and making this week Hollywood Movie Night at LOGOS! Bring your best glamour and glitz OR dress up as a favourite movie character – whatever mood strikes you we know there will be lots of LOGOS FANS!!! If you are off on some early holidays, we hope you have great travels and we look forward to seeing you when you return after March Break on March 22.
This week is a Week 2 which means the Sr High will begin at 4:30 in the gym and the Jr High upstairs with an activity. After dinner the Grades 1 – 3 class will be upstairs and Grades 4 – 6 will be in the gym. Please remember to bring indoor footwear. Another suggestions sent to me was to put all technology in a “technopile” in the centre of the table (or some other spot) including phones of leaders for the duration of the class. Feel free to implement the no personal devices at LOGOS rule in whatever manner suits your group.
This past weekend, we hosted our second workshop in our Child in our Hands Series. We sat together over a fabulous meal of chili provided by our Sr High Rec Time group. There were 14 of us in total – an intimate place to share and learn and grow. The topic this time was Celebrating Milestones: The Importance of Rituals and Traditions. Personally, I am finding the space at these workshops to be a new way to grow in faith and share our stories: our struggles, our achievements, our memories. Another way to embrace and support each other as together we support our children and youth. This week Linda led us in re-discovering why we, as people of faith, do we need rituals and traditions? In short, we discovered Rituals and Traditions and celebrating milestones supports
the spiritual needs of children and their adult mentors. In particular our Faith – the risk of trusting, Hope – encouragement to keep going, Love – the sense of belonging to something bigger, Forgiveness – lifting the burden and Community – our family and friends share the journey.

If you want me to send you the notes from our Workshop, I am happy to do so, just send me a quick email and I will oblige!

In addition, Laura has many ideas on how to celebrate your own Milestones with a resource through the C.E. department here at Knox. Here’s the link to a website full of valuable ideas on Milestone Ministry: https://milestonesministry.org/

The website has some great ideas of milestones that can be recognized at home and at church. It also touches on the importance of celebrating milestones and how exactly to do so. If anyone wants more info. Laura is happy to offer some suggestions and support.

Upcoming Dates:
Next Week: March Break – NO LOGOS
March 22: Sr High will host Scott Brush from Ray of Hope during Bible Time and Grades 1 – 6 will ALL have Taekwondo after dinner in the Gym
March 25: 3rd Workshop in our Child In Our Hands Workshop Series: Sharing our Faith Stories
March 29: Maundy Thursday Service after dinner for all LOGOS participants – please note there will be no Gym or Activity After dinner this week
April 12: LAST LOGOS FOR THIS YEAR – we will have a Graduation Ceremony – Details to follow
April 15: Last Workshop in our Child in Our Hands Series: Godly Play
Have a great week everyone and a happy and safe March Break!

“Let today serve as a gentle reminder to get out of your own way, to let go and let God lead. New life is unstable in the beginning and needs gentle care. Farmers don’t go into their fields and pull up the shoots of plants to see how they are doing. They know that everything has it’s own cycle or growth. Let nature take its course. Find other things to focus on right now. Simplicity and small steps are the order of the day. When the time is right, you will see the miracle.”