Welcome to Superbowl Thursday!!!
Who will win?  The New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles????  At LOGOS we will be having our own Superbowl fun!!!  Come dressed in the colours of your fave team or team jerseys!  We will be guaranteed to have lots of fun!
This week is a Week 1.  Jr High will be going skating during first period. We are looking for men’s size 11 skates and a helmet to borrow for this week if you can help us out – please bring to the church before first period this week. Chima will meet you at the rink, for any youth that are dropped off at Knox, Glenda will be at the welcome desk until 4:35 and will walk kids over to the skating rink.  Sr High will begin with an activity upstairs.
After dinner, the Grades 1 – 3 will begin in the gym and the Grades 4 – 6 will be upstairs with an activity.
Please remember to bring indoor shoes, no nuts and no cell phones at LOGOS.
Upcoming Events:
  • Next Week – The Grades 4 – 6 Rec Time after dinner plans to go skating (weather permitting).  We are looking for a size 6 ladies skates for next week, if possible.
  • March 4 – You are all invited to participate in A Child in Our Hands Workshop Series – our next conversations  will be Talking about Milestones and Traditions. We hope you will find time to join us in this discussion.
  • April 8 will be our LOGOS Reunion – Celebrating 25 Years of LOGOS at Knox
Have a great week everyone!
See you Thursday!
 “Remember the words you were told when this last adventure began, the words whispered quietly to your heart: Let the journey unfold. let it be magical. The way has been prepared. People will be expecting you. Yes, you are being led.”  – Melody Beattie