“In times of despair, there is a need for concrete, public acts of hope, public risks for newness, and public assault on conventional hopelessness. For it is in the specific, concrete expression of naming the despair that there come the seeds and possibilities of hope.”

This is a quote from Walter Bruggeman’s book “Like Fire in the Bones”; a book about the prophet Jeremiah.

This Sunday in worship we’ll be reading from Jeremiah – in particular Jeremiah 32:1-15. What does it mean to act upon and to believe in hope even when all seems hopeless? The sermon title is “Looking for hope in a time of despair”.

The LOGOS Junior High worship arts group will be signing as Andrew Hopper sings Matt Redman’s song “10,000 Reasons”. Many thanks to Barb Tucker who has taught the youth signing.

Our new hymn of the month is “Praise, I will praise” and the choir will also sing “Make this church a welcome place”.

Brooke is away this weekend leading worship at the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s “Stewards by Design” Conference near Orillia. Mary Catherine Pazzano will be singing as well as leading in the ministry of music, and John Scace is attending as a mentor. Last year Ruth Song, John Scace, Jen Yessis Reist and myself attended this conference and thoroughly enjoyed learning from Dr. Kennon Callahan.

We hope you will be able to worship this Sunday; whether you are here in the sanctuary, listening on the radio or live streaming the service. May the God of hope be with us.

Linda Ashfield, minister at Knox