World Communion Sunday

Today we welcome our children, grades 3 and up to join us at the table of the Lord to celebrate World Communion Sunday.  After the children’s story, young people grades 2 and under will go to their church school program. Thank you to the many young people who are participating in worship.

Entry of the Written Word 

Call to Worship: (from Psalm 78) 

One: The Lord says: “Give ear, O my people, to my teaching, to the words I have given you.”
All: We hear your teachings stories when we read our Bible and when we listen to and watch people of faith.
One: Don’t hide these stories and teachings from your children.
All: We will share them with the coming generations; that all may know the glorious deeds and mighty wonders of the Lord.

Hymn 757 verses 1 &2 “Come sing, O Church, in joy!”


Welcome and Acknowledgement

Prayer of Confession:

One: Sometimes we do things wrong, and feel badly about them. It is like being torn apart.
All: Thanks be to God, who loves us and forgives us!
One:  Sometimes we worry about things and get all tied up in knots.
All: Thanks be to God, who loves us and forgives us!
One: Sometimes we complain about everything, and get angry when things don’t go the way we want.
All: Thanks be to God, who loves us and forgives us!
One: But when we say we’re sorry, God forgives us and sets us free from our sin.
All: Thanks be to God, who loves us and forgives us!

Peace Invocation: “Shalom”

Passing the Peace
(We share a sign of Peace with one another.)

Introit “Be Still and Know” Psalm 46:1   Music – John Bell

Welcome and Announcements

Hymn 410 verses 1 & 2 “Joyful, joyful we adore you”

Children’s Time
(children grade 2 and younger head to their church school program. Grades 3 and up stay in worship today) 

Scripture Reading – Exodus 17:1-7 (A visit with Moses)


One: When the people of Israel were thirsty, God gave water in the rock.
All: Praise God for the water of life.
One: When people were lost without direction, God came to show the way.
All: Praise God for the water of life.
One: When we cry out in need, God listens to us, and gives us what we need.
All: Praise God for the water of life.

Hymn 671 verses 1 & 2 “I heard the voice of Jesus say”

Scripture Reading – Matthew 21:23-32


One: There once were two sons.
All: Which of these two did as his father wished?
One: Their father asked both of them to work in the vineyard.
All: Which of these two did as his father wished?
One: One said, “I’ll go!” and the other said “I won’t!”
All: Which of these two did as his father wished?
One: The one who said: “I won’t” changed his mind, turned off the TV, and went out to help.
All: Which of these two did as his father wished?
One: And the one who said he would, never got around to it.
All: Which of these two did as his father wished?
One: Our faith shows in the things we do, rather than in the words we say.
All: We will try and love one another. We will try and do as God asks.

Presentation of Offering:
Donations may be offered through debit, phone, or credit cards, at the Giving Table 20 minutes before worship or 30 minutes following worship

Offertory Anthem: “Make This Church a Welcome Place”
Words – J. Paul Williams Music – Joel Raney

Hymn “For the life that you have given 

Prayer of Dedication: (together)
Use our voices, loving God, to sing your praise. Use our gifts to further your Realm in our world. Use us to be champions of peace and justice. Amen.


Invitation to Communion

Communion Hymn 528 verses 1 & 4 “Jesus calls us here”

Reasons Why

Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer (535 in Hymn Book)

Sharing Communion Together

Anthem “The Gift Of Finest Wheat”
Words – Omer Westendorf  Music – Robert Kreutz 

Closing Prayer

Hymn 775 verse 1 “Sent forth by your blessing”


Choral Closing “Walk with me”


The radio broadcast and live streaming today is sponsored by Anne Arajs in celebration of her mom’s 97th Birthday. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Ruth Larsen!

CONGRATULATIONS to Carl & Dorothy Rumig who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend.

Welcome Desk: Nancy Matthews
Greeter: Lawrie Carter
Ushers: Anne & John Fairles, Sharon Kelly, Lynelle Purdy, Dianne & John Linnerth
Radio/Sound: Quinn Kozlowski
Broadcast: Stephen Kauk
Multimedia: Jeffrey Baer
Giving Table: Gordon Coyne
Hospital Visitor: Heather Cawsey
Nursery Care:
Refreshments: Nancy Holland
Sunday Attendant: Tristan de Oliveira

Welcome to Knox Waterloo

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